Enhance your sales operations by adding a Smart Opportunity Designation Platform (SOD) to your sales workflow

SOD smartly designates/routes and bids accounts, contacts, leads, and opportunities

Througho ut a CRM-based sales workflow, in a fast, easy, flexible, automatic, and highly scalable way.


SOD provides transparency, accuracy, and efficiency to your business sales cycle, boosting revenue growth through cycle turnaround reduction and automation, ultimately enhancing your commercial ecosystem.

Solution modules

features the following modules

1. Automatic Designation Module (ADM): dynamic and automatic brokering of leads to an ecosystem of resellers without human intervention based on fixed multi-criteria. Tiebreaker based on key variables scoring.

2. Bidding Designation Module (BDM): SMART Bidding solution to routing opportunities based on bidding multi-criteria, without human intervention in the process.

Use cases

Some of the scenarios in which SOD provides value to scale operations by automation are: 


Assign/route services (internet and connectivity) to the most suitable provider according to designation rules (proximity, location, or other criteria estimated).

Contact center:

Assign/route the calls to be made by consultants with designation rules such as language, and type of query/product. 


Assign/route services to be delivered (power, water, gas) by a provider selected according to designation rules (location, difficulty, need)

Assign/route service lines that need maintenance/repairing work to a selected worker/provider.

Require service suppliers to participate in biddings to gain each service distribution.

Require suppliers to participate in biddings to gain each service maintenance.

Postal services/courier:

Assign/route delivery routes to a staff member/provider according to given criteria like the dimensions of the packages, location, type of vehicle, or delivery time needed.

Assign/route staff to oversee reverse logistic processes to solve inquiries.

Require suppliers to participate in biddings to gain each delivery service business.

Healthcare services:

Assign/route patients when entering an ER (emergency room) according to triage, type of injury, or physician available.

Assign / route turns to patients for attention in healthcare centers.

Banking and Finance:

According to the inquiry to be solved, assign/route turns to customer support agents for customer attention.

Assign/route customers to a specific salesperson according to need, client category, portfolio.


Ambulance / paramedic / emergency services when emergency calls are received

Require emergency services suppliers to participate in biddings to get the health transportation and attention service business.

Logistics and transportation:

Assign/route freight forwarding services to a selected provider, according to the type of merchandise, container dimensions, weight, destination location, Incoterms negotiated.

Assign/route ships and freight entrance to a port, and its unloading, uploading, warehousing process.

Assign/route lots of containers/merchandise to a staff member to handle it, unloading, storing, shipping.

Require freighting companies to participate in biddings to deliver each transportation service.

What does the product offer?

Enhances your sales workflow by optimizing your sales data routing process. Smartly executes routing/brokering based on fixed or dynamic rules defined in accordance with your business strategy.

SOD will guide your customers to optimally select or be designated a quality Sales Rep/Partner that best matches their needs.

SOD is a fundamental support for:

Demand Generation/Outreach Management
Volume Sales Management
Partner and Sales Rep Management
Customer Experience
Sales Conversion Rates
Smart Bidding

Additional Services

  • Further enhance your sales strategy reach and capacity through our proprietary CRMX suite adding R2R, SOMSight, and SpeedUp to SOD.

Strengths (+)

  • Unique bidding solution
  • Brokering leads to partners in more than 24 countries
  • Routing more than 10.000 leads per month
  • Scaling up go-to-market operations
  • Unlimited distribution rules
  • Enhances CRM capabilities and reach
  • Brokering process analytics


  • Manage high volumes of intelligent routing for accounts, contacts, leads, and business opportunities to the designated sales cycle party
  • Shorten the sales cycle with automation
  • Bidding solution to enhance business opportunities designation
  • Augment revenue as a result of conversion rate growth
  • Enhance speed, transparency, and accuracy warranted
  • Improve buyer loyalty through a better customer experience and assistance
  • Optimize time and resources with an intelligent sales data routing platform
  • Increase Win Rate Due to Turnaround time Reduction
  • Dynamic and Automatic Designation
  • Multiple languages and distribution assignment rules
  • Boost ecosystem satisfaction and trust
  • Drive market behavior through routing rules
  • Obtain process telemetry and Traceability analytics
  • Keep your customer anonymous until opportunity awarded